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Socks! The British weather states that if it rains then you must wear closed shoes and not open toe sandals. So socks are a must. In all types of varieties, socks vary in thickness and style and even use.

From slipper socks to welly socks for Hunter boots and Argyle patterned Barbour socks. The detail is all in the pattern. Socks are worn for our own pleasure and often not for anyone else to see. So much great satisfaction is received from wearing a perfect pair of matching socks and it's normal to have a set of socks for the gym, for work and for best occasions.

Socks make the perfect stocking filler and side gift for his or her birthday. Who doesn't like receiving socks? It doesn't even have to be an occasion. Treating someone to a pair of new welly socks can be a thoughtful act that is remembered for a long time.

Socks are a symbol of warmth, comfort and security and another essential that we can't go without, without inviting blisters. A good pair of shoes must be treated to an award winning pair of socks!