Luke 1977 Info

If you think of infusing a fresh spirit into your appearance, it might be a good idea to shop for the original LUKE 1977 menswear at english-brands.co.uk. The brand was founded by Luke Roper in 2001. His mother was a dressmaker, so, Luke showed a great interest for tailoring from his earliest years. The LUKE 1977 label would be established much later. Firstly little Roper became a local legend in the West Midlands.
At the age of twenty he gained university entrance at the Central St Martins, the alma mater of many renowned designers and other fashion industry representatives in the UK. There he gave birth to an idea of establishing the line of LUKE 1977 clothing. After obtaining a degree, he started to work together with a lifelong family friend, Mr. Poole. Actually, that collaboration has become a starting point of LUKE 1977 menswear manufacturing. Shortly thereafter the label developed into recognizable trade mark. LUKE 1977 clothing has been a great demand among different audiences, be it a stiff gentlemen or a romantic rogue.

We are happy to announce that now this fine apparel for men under the illustrious logo is available on sale at english-brands.co.uk. There is no need to wander off your house or office to shop for the authentic LUKE 1977 garments; you can easily buy them at any spare minute in our e-store. For any further information, please, contact our consultants at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.