Alpha Industries Info

The history of Alpha Industries dates back to the 50's. Actually, the brand has another forerunner. The Dobbs Industries was a trade mark predecessor. It was founded in 1957 in Tennessee by Mr. Lane and Mr. Gelber. Their factory worked as a contractor to the USA army. The forerunner of prospective Alpha Industries produced wear for military needs – raincoats, parkas and bombers for men only. Though the Defence department provided work, in 1959 the partners broke up and went their several ways.
Gelber launched his own enterprise. This is how the branded Alpha Industries wear was established. He managed to get his business off the ground with the assistance of his wife Mildred Gelber and collaborator Herman Wynn. Again, the military forces were the first who decided to buy the Alpha Industries clothing. But there were some periods of slackening between military department's orders. So, in 1970 the management decided to try on the civil market. Some competitors of the brand also practiced that approach. But unlike other companies, Alpha Industries didn't make any difference between the clothing for military and civil customer. The brand adheres the same standards and styles, be it an airman bomber or a parka for women.

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