Aquascutum shirts from UK

The Aquascutum Company was founded in 1851. Its founder, John Emary, wasn't a fashion designer. He got so tired of the rainy London weather he invented a very special material and patented it. This material became a real help for London citizens who always suffered from constant damp. John Emary called his invention ‘Aquascutum’ from Latin “aqua” and “scutum” protection.

The protective characteristics of the new fabric were not only useful for London people. Soldiers of the First World War were equipped with clothing of Aquascutum material. King Edward VII liked this fabric and ordered several types of coats for his wardrobe. Forest picnics, hunting, horse riding were unthinkable without Aquascutum products.

The development of the Aquascutum Company continued when emancipated British ladies claimed the coats and suits of this famous company. The first women’s collection of Aquascutum was a great success. During the following years the brand developed very quickly and the number of models and designs increased. New shops were opened, not only in Great Britain, but also in Europe. World famous people also paid attention to Aquascutum. Winston Churchill, due to his adherence to a clear British style, wore Aquascutum coats and shirts for both political summits and in everyday life. For 20 years Margaret Thatcher went to political meetings in a formal suit of this magical British fabric, an absolute success for Aquascutum.

In 1980 the company was awarded with an emblem of a ‘Grant of Arms Shield.’ Very few English manufacturers can pride themselves on their own emblem, given for special merits for the state and the Crown.

The Olympic Games in Atlanta 1996 also used Aquascutum products. English sportsmen wore suits from this company at all solemn and official meetings.

In 2000 Aquascutum celebrated its 150th anniversary. To honour this event the company established a fashion show in Florence. This became a tradition, as since then apart from the main collection of “Aquascutum London” the company shows its “Aquascutum Pret-a-porter” men's and ladies' collections in all world fashion shows every two years.

The main components of quality clothes production are skilled staff, an excellent fit and attention to details. All these have created a real British brand, which considers style as a way of living, and style is always in fashion.

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