Armani clothes and accessories

Everyone knows that the fashion house of Italian couturier, Giorgio Armani, first of all is an elegant style and high quality production. Its assortment includes clothes and footwear for men and women, different accessories, underwear, glasses, perfume, and even interior decoration, but whatever the company makes it always has great success.

This is all the merit of one person, Giorgio Armani. The future dress designer was born in 1934 in a small Italian province. When he was a boy he wanted to be a doctor and he even entered a medical institute, but Giorgio studied for only two years. Nobody knows why he left his youthful dream, but the fashion world had to wait a bit longer as Giorgio decided to join the army service.

After the army the future couturier went to Milan and started working in a big shop where he decorated shop windows. He managed this really well and his efforts were noticed. Shop owners offered him promotion. Giorgio became a purchasing agent.

Professional advancement continued and Giorgio got the designer position in the company Nino Cerutty. His main business was designing men wear for the Hitman line. Here young Armani started mastering the beginning of design art.

The experience gained was very important for Giorgio Armani. He now had a real goal in life. Very soon his friend offered him to found their own company, and on 24 July 1975 the company Giorgio Armani S.p.A. was founded. The first collection of menswear instantly became super popular. But Armani did not even consider stopping and soon the world saw womens wear collection together with sport and youth wear. Numerous accessories are also an inherent part of fashion house production.

Nowadays the Armani company develops very fast. There are over 200 Armani shops around the world. His empire has captured the hearts of millions and has become one of the most popular modern brands. Nothing would have happened without its leader and magnificent artist Giorgio Armani.