Blundstone shoes

The footwear company Blundstone was created in 1870 in Australia. Nowadays this is a well-known and famous footwear brand. However Blundstone has not lost its origins as its main office is situated in Tasmania, the same as 140 years ago. The company has been making durable, comfortable and hard-wearing boots since that date. The sales have been rising up and up.

Blundstone is primarily renowned for Australian working boots. This product became a classic a long time ago, not only in Australia but also globally, in the UK as well. Their footwear comprises ankle boots with elastic insets on the collar. They look similar to the classic Chelsea boot, but with a twist.

Blundstone boots do not have shoelaces which makes them really comfortable as they are very easy to put on and off. You never need to worry that your laces become untied or tangled.

The absence of shoelaces is not the only feature necessary for working boots. The Blundstone Company always remember that their footwear is for work purposes and for use in the open air. The company specialists also provide some components which guarantee additional safety. The toe caps are strengthened with steel and similar strengthening are on the heels on some models. The boot lining has an antibacterial cover so the feet can cope with extreme weather conditions and the influence of toxic substances. However, there are conditions which Blundstone boots cannot withstand. You should not dry them on a hot stove or a fan. Its natural and qualitative leather will not withstand high temperatures and may dry and crack. As a result you'll have to shop for another pair of footwear.

Despite their true working purposes, Blundstone boot owners use them not only for work, but also for every day city boots. In both instances boots serve a great purpose. In Australia Blundstone boots for men and women are lovingly called Blunnies and are worn everywhere. For local people this is their most favourite footwear in the world.

The Blundstone Company’s advertisement slogan states: “At least your feet feel comfortable” - and for over 140 years the company has met customers' expectations, making their feet feel comfortable. They have conquered the hearts of shoppers in London and other fashion capitals.