Camper shoes

Camper is a family business with a history of a few generations, a business with a mark of high quality.

Camper’s story began in the year 1877, when Spanish cobbler, Antonio Fluxa, went to England in order to upgrade his skills. Having come back home he gathered the best shoemakers, provided them with the best shoemaking machines and started manufacturing shoes which are still popular nowadays.

The business developed rapidly, being passed on from father to son. In 1975 Lorenzo, Antonio's grandson founded the Camper company and in 1981 the first brand name shop was opened in Barcelona. Nowadays the Camper company is famous and popular worldwide. Camper's products are notable for their high quality, distinctive design, comfort in wearing and creative designers' approach in every collection. The model range is very diverse. Base collections, such as ‘Camaleon’, ‘Twins,’ ‘Pelotas,’ ‘Brothers,’ ‘Industrial,’ ‘Wabi,’ are offered every season. Some collections are being refashioned according to the new fashion trends. The Camper company combines classic traditions and modern demands in its products. Simple, comfortable, practical, yet kinky, bright and offbeat, Camper shoes meet customers' demands all over the world.