Chatham shoes from UK

If you decide to go sailing, do not hesitate to choose the footwear collections of the Chatham Company. Shoes and boots for men and women from this company are world famous with their durable, classical British style. Their footwear will meet the requirements of both the experienced old-salt and first-timer who never see a sea wave. Furthermore, it is not necessary to be a sailor to wear the comfortable and stylish shoes of the Chatham Company.

The history of the Chatham brand began over 25 years ago in the heart of the UK shoemaking industry. At that time the company made its first timid steps and now it has become a manufacturer who produces the most beautiful footwear which can withstand any weather. This footwear is an excellent choice not only for sea lovers, but also brings the wonderful British style to both the urbanite and connoisseur of country life. The traditional craftsmanship of the Chatham Company combines an innovative design with great attention to detail, so your favourite pair of Chatham shoes will keep you up with the times and fashion trends.

The traditional aesthetics of sea life style is an essence of the Chatham design which has been proven by generations of sailors, VIP’s and everybody who likes the lightness and freedom of their hard wearing soft leather shoes, classical deck boots, sailors shoes and even driver's boots and riding footwear. Chatham collections include all styles which will satisfy anyone in any situation. The diverse colour palette from light brown and sea wave to candy pink and rose red always attract the most sophisticated public. The very soft leather and breathing canvas make the footwear hard-wearing and washable. After your first experience of wearing Chatham shoes you will wonder why you did not discover this miracle earlier and you will never change your choice of brand any more.

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