Dr Martens shoes from UK

The history of footwear brand Dr Martens started in the very first weeks after the end of the Second World War. It is astonishing but their originator was not a fashion designer. Military doctor Klaus Märtens (his name was later transformed to Doctor Martens in the English manner giving name to the brand) decided to create more comfortable, durable, but less hard footwear than he wore during his army service creating his first pair of boots with thick air-padded soles. Martens’ friend, Herbert Funk, became interested in this new design of boot. They became partners and started footwear production. They used old army car tyres and the rest of other military outfits. For instance they used leather officers’ trousers. One pair of trousers was enough for two pairs of boots. As you can see, at first they were made of indiscernible, cheap materials.

The boots were so popular that in 1952 Martens and Funk opened a factory in Munich. In 1950 the factory produced over 200 different types of boots both for men and women. In 1959 the first advertisement appeared in international catalogues. British shoe manufacturer Bill Griggs, the owner of R.Griggs & Co, saw the German boots in this catalogue and bought the patent rights for air-padded soles from Martens. He improved the soles and slightly changed the design of the boots. All these changes are still the branded distinction of Dr Martens boots.

New Dr Martens shoes came out on 1st April of 1960. They were cherry red and had eight lacing holes. Instead of the name they got the number 1960 in honour of the date of production. The first pair of branded boots in the UK rolled off the production line not far from London, in Northamptonshire – region, known as the heart of the British footwear industry.

Firstly the Dr Martens shoes were very popular among working people and military officers, but later the boots became popular among young people. The famous Dr Martens boots have become a part of the UK subcultures, especially among representatives of hippies, goths, rockers and skinheads. In the 1970’s Dr Martens boots came to America, and from the 1990’s they became even more popular thanks to heroes of TV shows, movies wearing them. Famous people such as Elton John, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Angelina Jolie, and Sarah Jessica Parker wear the boots.

The modern Dr Martens are footwear which is affordable for everyone. They are very comfortable and of high quality. The famous footwear presented in shops throughout the globe haven't changed over the last 50 years. They are still produced for rebellious characters to express themselves through their personal style. Our store showcases the best of what the celebrated brand offers.