Fly London shoes from UK

Initially the Fly London company was set up in England and belonged to two British business partners. However, one day the companions broke up and decided to sell the brand. A Portuguese man, Fortunato Frederico took this opportunity. He was glad to buy a famous trademark, thus starting a business of his own.

Fly London shoes tend to be a unique combination of comfort, brightness and quirkiness. Unusual design, that is typical for Fly London footwear, always attracts attention of progressive youth. One pair can be a mix of several styles, but it never looks cheap or tasteless. Designers of this company say that the footwear they produce is aimed at accentuating the individuality of its owner. This approach appeals much to European ladies, so Fly London women's shoes stay popular over the years.

In the UK the brand is sold only in several shops and outlets. So if you are not going to visit this country soon, think of ordering a pair of Fly London shoes in the English brands online store. Don't waste your time and contact us right now at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177!