Gloverall coats from UK

Gloverall has become one of the most respected and significant outerwear brands in the UK and far beyond, playing a significant and influential part in British fashion and culture. Firstly, a specific style of coats called duffle won it glory. Originally this word referred to a woollen outwear popular with the shipbuilders in the Belgian city of Duffel. Later the prospective Gloverall coats were adopted by the British navy. Over the years men of fashion in London relished the idea of wearing the Gloverall jackets, due to their distinctive hoods and toggle fastenings.

In the 50's Harold and Freda Morris picked up the idea of producing these coats by themselves. Mr. Morris was a son of a master tailor and designer, who used to carry his own business of manufacturing gloves and overalls. This is how the idea of brand naming leaped into its founders' heads. In 1962 to keep up with rising demand a new factory manufacturing the Gloverall jackets and other gear was opened in Northamptonshire. Shortly thereafter the USA, Canada, France and Sweden showed a strong interest in importing the clothes under this logo. Nowadays the stylish Gloverall coats are presented in retail outlets on both sides of the pond.

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