Hackett from UK

In 1985 the brand owners understood that the market of cult clothing needed more than second hand articles and they decided to start their own clothes production. The wide knowledge of trends and styles that they gathered during ten years as a second hand clothes specialists allowed them to establish an ideal collection of men’s clothes and accessories.

Their new shop on New Kings Road was immediately successful and in 1986 they opened the Hackett multi-store. The shops specialised in shirts and ties, accessories, and sport wear. All shops were situated close to each one on one cross street which soon was called Hackett cross street.

Like any popular brand Hackett soon went abroad. Firstly, they moved to Sloane Street and opened new shop, which is now the main one. In 1994 a big Hackett shop was opened in Paris, France. The company did not stop their evolution and focused on young men. Like their fathers they wanted to look stylish and in 1995 Hackett began their new line of children’s clothes titled “Essential British Kids.”

Hackett is still a classical brand of clothes and accessories for men of all ages who want to dress stylishly. The main Hackett goal is to dress men for any occasions from a formal business suit to a sporting style for an open air walk. Some elements of the collections have no changed for 20 years as Jeremy Hackett says: “Our things never wear out” - and he is certainly right.