H by Hudson shoes from UK

The Hudson Company was founded in 1990 in London. In 15 years it now mixes with the most famous world fashion brands, originally from the UK and beyond its bounds. Hudson is real English footwear, high quality, very stylish and functional. In the whole world this footwear is a symbol of ideal clothes sense and proof that “young” age is not always a disadvantage.

So what is the secret? H by Hudson footwear is a skilful mix of real English traditions and proven Italian technology. Creators of the company have spent a lot of time in footwear workshops and Italian factories where they have mastered all the details and skills of shoe creation.

However, this is not their only secret. When H By Hudson issued its first footwear collection it sold very quickly, but did not have the success the owners relied on. The main reason of the growing popularity of Hudson collections was their price. The company offered high quality H by Hudson shoes at an accessible price.

The very first assortment presented in stores consisted of classical models – proven and always popular among customers in the UK of both middle and older age. Young people preferred less conservative versions of the H by Hudson boots.

The brand presented this kind of footwear for young people in 2004. The company did not start the production of simple H by Hudson shoes for youth. It transformed the English classical style into new versions which suited the tastes and clothes of youth fashion. The company designers created the line of H by Hudson boots which was possible to wear both with T-shirts and business suits. Thanks to this new line the modern generation had no need to change shoes after a working day to go to the bar. H By Hudson footwear had an excellent look with jeans or other casual attire.

Hudson gained a large market share of the mens shoe market and in 2008 they produced a womens range. For their female collections of “H Woman” line they used the design of mens' shoes and transformed it again to meet requirements of the most progressive clothes horses.

The company now follows modern trends. Every year its designers create models that successfully combines legendary classics with new fashion trends. In Hudson boutiques and shops you will find shoes you like irrespective of your style and age.