Helly Hansen jackets

The Helly Hansen business was launched in 1877. It started in Norway. A mariner Helly Juell Hansen started manufacturing oilskin jackets. These articles of clothing, made of linen soaked in linseed oil, were extremely durable. So Helly Hansen jackets gained popularity in most European countries, including the UK. In just a few years about ten thousand items were sold in outlets all over the world.

Three Layers of Protection

The distinctive feature of all Helly Hansen jackets is the 3-Layer System™. In 1949 designers who worked for this company, started using translucent PVC plastic for making the coats waterproof. Ten years later they created a special insulation called fiberpile. Thanks to it Helly Hansen outerwear was both warm and fast-drying. Then a wonderful breathable baselayer fiber called LIFA was developed. Today it is still used for manufacturing Helly Hansen jackets.

Easy Shopping at the English Brands Online Store

Helly Hansen jackets are distributed in outlets in London, Paris and other capital cities. You may visit these fashion stores or save your time and shop online at the english-brands.co.uk. To buy a Helly Hansen jacket you just need to place an order, and it will be delivered from the UK in the shortest possible time. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.