Jeffery West shoes from UK

The famous shoe making brand Jeffery West was founded by two enthusiastic men who had s keen eye on UK fashion and style. Marc Jeffery and Guy West decided to continue the glorious traditions of true English footwear manufacturing with an exciting and cutting-edge fashionable twist. As you know, London street fashion is celebrated for its Oxford shoes and brogues. So, the founders didn't reinvent the wheel. However, the Jeffery West shoes have their own distinguishing appearance and style. It sounds astonishing, but the prospective businessmen were only sixteen when they decided to rush headlong into the British footwear making industry. Soon they presented their first collection of tremendous shoes under the Jeffery West label. It included 12 styles for men and women. So, what paved the way for the brands success? The incredible mixture of British elegance, the matchless design and inspiration from the most significant subcultures of the 20th century namely the Rock and Roll stars of the 1970's have assured the commercial success of the brand. Some of their shoes feature lyrics from famous Rock and Roll songs printed into the soles. Would you like to add the ultimate touch to your daily and evening looks with this illustrious footwear? Shop for the original Jeffery West shoes with English-Brands.co.uk to underline your personal fashion sense. We have large variety of them for sale. Should you have any questions, please, contact us over the phone +44 (0) 1926 881844.