J shoes from UK

The J Shoes footwear company was founded in the Midlands area of the UK, north of London. Craftsmen of these regions were always famous for producing high quality handmade shoes. These century old regional traditions inspired the J Shoes Company. The professional team of the brand designers has managed not only to maintain the real British heritage but also develop the craftsmanship of traditional footwear whilst adding a modern design, and independent style. The brand is now an expression of personal taste, ultimate understanding of fashion and individual character. Every single pair of J shoes is engineered in a process celebrating authenticity of the best UK footwear industry traditions.

The brand uses the silhouette of classical footwear and often takes a few unexpected colours, materials and textures to create shoes, which are always on the cutting edge of fashion, helping you to show your personality.

The J Shoes Company has never tried to blindly follow or copy modern fashions and trends in boots production. Instead, it has always been inspired by a unique features of traditional footwear. For each of its boots collections the J Shoes has created individual footwear to help you express your style, no matter what that may be. Furthermore with the help of J Shoes you are able to evolve a completely new style, which can either be accepted or rejected but will show you strong sides while hiding the weaker ones. This is not a question of price, age or size – the thing is self-awareness. Sometimes it takes years to discover this style but it is worth it to show who J Shoes are. The brand pushes you to help expressing these small differences and show your real nature.

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