Justin Reece shoes from UK

The first pair of the Justin Reece shoes rolled off the production line in 2004, located in the East End of London. The originator had just a small amount of hide bought during his trip to Verona. And it was perfect for his requirements! Actually, the first collection of Justin Reece shoes for men had much in common with the models produced under other UK logos and available for sale. Shortly thereafter the designer realized that it would be a nice idea to give them a distinctive look. He started to produce the famous Justin Reece brogues using different hides to form the panels and toe shoes. Also the creator used different textures to set his men's footwear apart from all other fashion collections. The contemporary Justin Reece men's brogues are something truly British, made with a specific UK flavor, but in a cheeky way. Today the brand is well known for using traditional methods of footwear manufacture with some interesting, distinctive accents. For instance, it's typical for men's footwear by Justin Reece to resort to conventional forms and silhouettes, vested in unusual colors.

The key features of the Justin Reece shoes are as follows: leather of premium quality, handmade details, welted soles. If you are a hot fan of British fashion, you should try on these shoes. And we are pleased to announce that there is no need to book a flight to London to shop for a pair of original Justin Reece footwear. Due to our e-store you can go for shopping at any spare minute. Comfortable prices and fast shipping guaranteed. You can also browse for original styles for women.

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