MCQ by Alexander McQueen clothing from UK

Alexander McQueen is a bright, impressive, shocking, brand which is not for everyone, but is different from any other and has left its mark in the history of fashion.

Named after its founder and designer, Lee Alexander McQueen, it appeared with its first collection in 1992 and shocked the fashion world with its unusual presentations. Not only the design and style were shocking, but the presentations were also scandalous. He showed trousers with too low waists so one could see the model's buttocks, dresses made out of pieces of chiffon, too open clothes, clothes designed as a shipwreck or as a hologram of Kate Moss. One way or another Alexander McQueen showed himself and obtained admirers.

In 1997 the brand passed to the Gucci Group. New signature shops opened first in London, then in Milan and New York. An especially extraordinary event was the opening of a boutique in Beijing with an impressive presentation.

Later the brand, together with women's wear, started making men's wear and also footwear, accessories, and perfume.

McQ is a separate line which appeared in 2006 and was geared towards young people. Step by step this line became an independent department and Alexander McQueen shops opened only McQ departments. A single-brand boutique was opened in 2012 in London.

In 2010 Sarah Burton became a creative director. Nevertheless with a new designer new collections are an important event in the fashion world. They are awaited with impatience by not only brand admirers but also critics and judges of everything new, original, impressive, and bright.