Palladium shoes

The Palladium company was set up in 1920. During World War II it was known as a manufacturer of tyres for aircraft. However, in 1947 the Palladium brand was reoriented. It started making footwear that was as durable as rubber wheels. In just 30 years the amount of sales reached one million pairs a year.

Why are Palladium Shoes Worth Paying Attention to?

Boots produced by this company may be worn in extreme conditions. Thanks to the use of special technology and modern fabrics during the manufacturing process, Palladium shoes are heat and water resistant. It may be interesting to note that they were chosen as the most appropriate footwear by Haroun Tazieff, a famous French volcanologist.

Most Palladuim shoes, that may be found in outlets around the USA, the UK, France, Germany and some other countries, are made of genuine leather, canvas or suede. Winter models have a fur lining. Uppers may be high, low and baggy.

Palladium footwear is not only functional, but also stylish. Designers do their best to follow the latest fashion trends and pay great attention to the choice of colours. So the boots they make always look modern.

How to Buy Branded Footwear Online?

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