R. M. Williams

Over 80 years have passed since the first boots of RM Williams Company were established. Like most successful brands, the boots were made with one purpose: comfort, durability and protection for the difficult and sometimes dangerous life in the Australian bush land.

This Company began during the years of the Great Depression times when a saddler showed a well-sinker, Reg Murray Williams, how to make a pair of simple boots from one piece of leather. In a few months Reg put an announcement in a newspaper advertising new footwear. To his surprise he received a lot of orders which changed his life and history of world footwear. The brand RM Williams is now worn by prime ministers, presidents, show business stars and thousands of other people in cities and villages.

The soles of RM Williams boots always have a trademark longhorn logo. On the top of boots on both tugs there is the address of the first factory in South Australia. There is now a company museum and retail shop.

RM Williams boots are a high quality manufacture. They are hand- made of strong leather, durable and very comfortable. The boots are very specific in their production as different types of leather are used. They meet the requirements of very choosy customers. Some customers like thin kangaroo leather with a polished top like a mirror while others prefer strong but elastic ox hide which is good for the rainy season.

However, boots are not the only achievement of the RM Williams company as this brand was the first to start manufacturing jeans in Australia. Jeans are made of high quality denim, they have double suture, strong zippers and stainless rivets.

Nowadays the RM Williams brand markets a wide assortment of men's and women's clothes and numerous accessories.