Solovair Boots

The county of Northamptonshire is well-known as the heart of the British shoe-making industry. And it's also the home of the famous brand Solovair. Untill the late 1800's boots were produced by individual shoemakers. Work was hard, wages were low, there was little security of employment. In order to improve the situation in 1881 five men made a collaboration and founded the Northamptonshire Productive Society. Since then the NPS factory has grown to be a big business. In 1995 it patented the new fashion label – Solovair Boots. High production standards and collaboration with talented designers had secured Solovair Boots a reputation with customers globally in the highest fashion stores in London and all over the UK .

Solovair: some interesting points to consider

Actually, Solovair Boots were a kind of Dr. Martens predecessor. They are popular among the representatives of different subcultures due to their distinct look and high durability.

Despite the brand popularity, it's not easy to find a pair of original Solovair Boots in UK outlets. Although The company is found in specialist retailers its hard to find these distinctive boots in high street shops. Mainly the producer sells its shoes over the Internet.

There is a great variety of Solovair styles. Still, they all have something in common. Orange stitching around the top of the sole, a tag at the heel top, a goodyear welt that runs along the shoe outsole are among the most recognizable features.

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