Stetson hats

The production of Stetson hats was launched in 1865. 150 years has passed since then, but Western wear and accessories, sold under this trademark, are still popular all over the world. Once the head of the company even said that ''America grew up under a Stetson'' to emphasize its importance as a national brand.

The first cowboy hat was created by John Stetson for himself. Once during an expedition to the West of the USA he designed it to protect his head from the sun. It had a high crown and wide flat brim. On his return home Stetson decided to set up a company that will manufacture such hats in large quantities. This idea turned out to be a real success. Stetson hats soon became the last word in fashion and were approved by trendsetters in many countries, including the UK. Nowadays it is even displayed in the National Museum of American History. The famous Stetson hats and other accessories blend well with stylish clothing for men and women.

Those who often travel to London or other European capitals may visit one of the factory outlets and shop for any Stetson hat. Unfortunately, for other people it is not always possible. However, there is another option. You may forget about visiting Stetson outlets and buy hats, created by designers of this brand, online. Just browse our website and choose an item to your liking. We always have a wide variety of them on sale. Besides, our managers are ready to advise you on fashion issues at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.