Swade clothing from UK

Clothing items, manufactured by Swade, were first presented to the public in 1978. The brand belonged to the Supreme Fashions company. The Swade factory was located in the UK in the north-west of England. It was an in-house brand and its goods were sold only in retail outlets all over the country. Although at present Swade clothing is distributed in other countries too, it is still rather difficult to shop for genuine items produced by this trademark outside the Britain.

Swade's Modern Takes on Fashion Classics

The designers of the brand try to ''spice up British quality with Italian flair''. It means that the clothes they make blend classical elements with unusual details. The brand specializes in producing men's polo shirts. On the Swade's page of the catalogue at the English Brands online store you will see that all the items look rather traditional. White, navy, grey and burgundy colours are considered to be classic ones so Swade polo shirts are suitable for all occasions. At the same time thanks to checked and patterned trims they look fresh and up-to-date.

Easy Shopping with English-brands.co.uk

Usually to buy an article of clothing manufactured by Swade, it is necessary to visit a fashion outlelt in London or in some other city of the UK. However, if you are not going to travel to this country soon, you may place an order at our website, and it will be delivered right to your door in the shortest possible time. If you need professional advice, feel free to phone our experts at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.