Toggi clothing from UK

The Toggi brand came into the market in 1990. Thanks to elegant design and functionality of its products, nowadays the Toggi company is among the top clothing manufacturers in Britain. Although the brand is often associated with equestrianism, its goods are meant not only for horse riders, but also for those who are fond of outdoor activities in general.

Distinctive Features of Toggi

The brand slogan says ''Choose fun. Choose active. Choose passion'', and it perfectly conveys the corporate philosophy. If you are looking for a compromise between style and wearability in everyday fashion, Toggi clothing is what you need. It is equally appropriate for an outdoor party and a stroll down the country lane. Designers of the Toggi brand, who work in the city of Leeds in the UK, do their best to keep up with the latest trends and to use technologically advanced fabrics. It allows them to make clothing items light, warm and comfortable.

Where to Shop for Toggi Clothes?

The brand is distributed in fashion stores all over Europe, including London, Paris and Milan. In the UK you can buy Toggi clothing in factory outlets and in shopping centers. But for those who are not going to visit this country in the near future the English Brands online shop offers another option. To get a piece of Toggi clothing, made in the UK, you do not need to go a brick and mortar outlet. Visit our website, pick up an item to your liking and order it with a few mouse clicks. And do not hesitate to contact us at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177 if any questions arise.