Vivienne Westwood from UK

Dress designer Vivienne Westwood has the title of the most talented designer of the last century as a result of her braveness, impudence, and numerous experiments.

In 1965 Vivienne was in London and met Malcolm McLaren, the future producer of the scandalously known group “Sex Pistols.” This meeting was successful. Vivienne always loved wearing еpatage style and she decided to create individual dresses for bands. That day she started her career in the fashion business.

Vivienne became a real vehicle of punk style. She was never afraid of challenging the surrounding world – red trousers, massive chains, bleached hair. After developing dresses for “Sex Pistols” Vivienne decided to open her own dress shop. In 1971 she and her husband McLaren opened the first boutique called “SEX.” It was a shop for those who had the same informal ways of living that reflected in the

wearing style.

The shop became a usual meeting place for punks, hippy, musicians and others so the married couple did not have problems with customers. After some years they opened two similar shops.

Soon Vivienne and Malcolm were considered as punk style trend-setters. After conquest of London Vivienne decided to harness the world fashion podium. In 1981 Vivienne Westwood brought out her private collection “Pirates.” After this she made her collections “Savages” and “Vagabonds.” Each of these collections were bodacious and individual.

Also Vivienne Westwood paid a lot of attention to foot wear. The world famous Vivienne Westwood brand presents a lot of unimaginable models consisting of unbelievably high platform soles, heels of different shapes, rubber spiked shoes, and strange looking decorations.

Westwood makes a lot of rubber footwear which makes her collections unique. Unusual shapes and colours of shoes inspire wonder – how was it possible to think up and how is it possible to wear it? But the questions do not stop clothes horses all over the world buying Vivienne Westwood collections in spite of its cost.

The cost of Vivienne Westwood brand production is of a high level, but this does not frighten admirers of this extravagant style. Many customers around the world are ready to pay any money for goods of the unmistakable Vivienne Westwood.