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Often the best time to buy a coat is a year before you plan to wear it! British brands have multiple styles that wont go out of fashion, so you can plan ahead and buy that new purchase before the next winter season, so you don't get caught out without a new coat. Your coat collection deserves a new introduction every now and again, so if you see a design you really like, we recommend you buy it! Coat designs change annually, so it’s less risk to buy it while you like it. Don’t let that piece go!
The most important factor to consider with your new coat in British weather is warmth. Your coat should keep you warm in just a t-shirt. That is the true measure of your coat’s performance.
When you want true British style, then English Brands have your winter wardrobe sorted. Visiting other European countries as a tourist, you will ooze British style without any effort, as your outerwear will do all the talking for you. British classics like Barbour remain true to British style so you can be proud to dress like a model on the runway of a London catwalk.
Style plays an important part of how others perceive us, so choose your brands well and you can feel confident about yourself as you step outside.