Men's cardigans

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In the past a men's cardigan was an integral part of the British military uniform. Time has passed but designers from the UK still set a special place for this clothing item in their collections. It is not surprising as a men's cardigan is a multi-purpose element of a wardrobe that can be combined with clothes of different fashion styles. Thus, models in laconic cut and colour go well with classic trousers and shirts. Apart from this, men's cardigans harmonize with jeans, chinos, casual shirts and polo shirts. Such ensembles are perfect for everyday wear.

Today many gentlemen prefer to buy clothes in online shops because it allows them to save time and effort. If you are among them we suggest that you browse the catalogue of the English Brands store and find a cardigan that meets your taste and preferences. We hold our customers in high respect that is why we never offer them cheap low-quality merchandise. All our products are genuine and made by well-known trade marks. Check it yourself: place an order on our website and, if necessary, feel free to phone us at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.