Men's sweaters

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In the 1930s of last century Coco Chanel borrowed a men's sweater from the sports industry and made it a universal fashion item. Since then a men's sweater has become a key article of the male wardrobe. Nowadays many famous brands from the UK specialize in manufacturing men's sweaters. For example, in the English Brands online store you can buy designer products made by Barbour, Paul Smith, Diesel and some other trademarks. It goes without saying that such brand label clothes will not be cheap. However, those who appreciate unique individual style at its true value consider it a reasonable expense.

Browse the catalogue of our online shop and choose a couple of comfortable sweaters for different occasions. Combine a classic pullover with a shirt and trousers and wear it in the office. Put on a smart casual sweater and jeans and go out with  friends. For other fashion tips feel free to call our experts at +44 (0) 20 3189 1177.