Women's wraps

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For the lady who needs that something around her neck for added warmth or style, no matter what the weather. A wrap or scarf can make her feel great about herself. But not just any old wrap, it must be a trusted British brand that shouts style and elegance.

A wrap or shawl can accessorise your outfit with minimum effort required for all seasons. A woman can never have too many wraps just like her shoe closet. Pairing your wrap thickness to the weather is a must and our wool wraps are perfect for the colder air.

When storing your wraps in your wardrobe, carefully fold them so they are easily accessible like a stack of books in a library. There is no prouder moment when a woman can stand back and admire her marvellous collection of wraps in their assortment of colours and materials. A wrap never goes out of style and can be passed on for generations if maintained in their excellent condition and extreme care is taken when washing garments.

We guarantee buying a wrap from English Brands will stay with your family forever as a symbol of security, love and warmth. Keep your wrap in your car or handbag so you never get caught out with a chilly moments whilst staying at friends or dining out in the evening. Show off true British elegance with a Bolongaro Trevor wrap.