Alfred Sargent shoes

The marvelous Alfred Sargent footwear are synonymous with the UK shoemaking industry since 1899. It is considered to be one of the most defining brands of British fashion. In the late 1890's Alfred Sargent in collaboration with his sons Harry and Frank set up their own factory in the Rushden, Northamptonshire. The county is well known as a heart of the shoemaking industry of the UK, so, that fact also was the part of the commercial success of Alfred Sargent. By the way, it was the first works in the region equipped with electricity, and it facilitated the progress of the brand as well.

Since its establishment the brand has been under the Sargent's family management. Due to fine combination of the traditional handicraft shoemaking technologies with up-to-date innovations and collaboration with prominent designers Alfred Sargent shoes have become a popular choice in the branded outlets throughout the world. Today the professional team of AS is rediscovering some old methods of finishing, adding the last collections a modern twist.

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