Founded in 1886, the legacy of Joseph Cheaney and Sons is one that is still going strong. The family business became ‘and Sons’ in 1903 and has now seen five generations of Cheaneys upholding the impeccable reputation for the shoe’s handmade craftsmanship and quality. The company is still working within the original factory in Desborough, Northamptonshire, not too far from our own shoe shop in Birmingham. Five generations down the line and Cheaney’s shoes are now known for creating the most luxurious men’s formal shoes in England. A notion earned, not claimed.

Joseph Cheaney Shoes make shoes for all. They cater to both men and women, and they mainly focus their products for a formal, luxurious market. Their shoes are not only made using the best handmade techniques and tools, but the materials are also of the highest possible quality too. All of these factors ensure that when you buy Joseph Cheaney Shoes, you are buying the best shoes possible. Their products range from Loafers to boots and Brogues, so there’s something for every style.

Here at English Brands Heritage, we stock a wide range of men’s formal shoes, including Joseph Cheaney shoes, in our shop in the Mailbox in Birmingham. Alternatively, you can browse our hand-picked collection below.