The county of Northamptonshire is well-known as the heart of the British shoe-making industry and is home to the famous brand Solovair. Originally established in 1881, the company more recently patented the new fashion label – Solovair Boots - in 1995. High production standards, collaboration with talented designers and the fact they create bespoke handmade shoes, have secured this brand a reputation with customers globally, including with the highest fashion stores in London and throughout the rest of the UK.

Actually, these were a kind of Dr. Martens predecessor. They are popular among the representatives of different subcultures due to their distinct look and high durability. Despite the brand’s popularity, it's not easy to find a pair of original Solovair Boots in UK outlets, unless you visit us in Birmingham of course.

All handmade Solovair shoes have a number of features in common: orange stitching around the top of the sole, a tag at the heel top, and a goodyear welt that runs along the shoe outsole.

If you are keen on British fashion and dream of a pair of original Solovair boots, browse our hand-picked range below or visit us here at English Brands Heritage in our Birmingham Mailbox store to speak with our experts.