The Tricker's Range at English Brands - Original Handmade Shoes

Founded in Joseph Tricker in 1829, Trickers shoe makers is one of the longest, most established shoe manufacturers in the U.K.

With a reputation for creating excellent shoes and most notably outdoor boots, Tricker's signature product became their brogues that were worn by farm and estate owners of the gentry.

These outdoor Trickers brogues were marvelled out for the way in which they resisted water and kept their wearer's feet warm. It was this invention that paved the way for water proof brogues, and consequentially built the stature of the Tricker's brand.

Trickers Boots at English Brands - Innovation & Tradition Combined

It seemed like the Tricker's innovative designs were representative of the time. Elsewhere in the world during the mid-1800's the first steam fuelled transatlantic sea voyage took place, the foundations of Nelson Column were laid down, and huge advances in trade and industry. It was a time of innovation, of new strategy and of productive developments. All characteristics that were required to make each and every pair of Tricker's shoes.

As the years went by the company expanded. The address of 56-60 St. Michael's Road in Northampton became the new home of the business, and it's this address that is still the base of the company today.

Of course, as time has gone by, there have been natural developments in the technology that make Tricker's footwear, but the blueprint of obsessing over the small details to create a grand whole are as relevant in 2018 as they were in 1829.

Farmers all over England, and all over the globe too, swear by the comfort, durability and practicality of Tricker's shoes. Built to exactly the same standards that established the solid reputation of brand in the first place, the shoes available today are a direct decedent of the first designs that were made all those years ago.

Today Tricker's boots and shoes are known for their exacting quality, incomparable comfort, individuality and irreproachable character.

Tricker's footwear are made to last. Looked after properly, there's no reason why a pair can't last you an entire lifetime. With 260 thought-through processes, the designs have been lavished in luxurious leather and tender care, all so that you know you're only buying quality.

At English Brands, we have diverse range of Tricker's shoes that comes in a range of styles and different colours. Whether you're looking for a pair of boots for this winter or are maybe are in need a new pair of shoes to replace your old ones, we guarantee you these designs will look good and will last for many winters to come: Trickers are a wonderful investment.

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