The Tusting Collection at English Brands

The story of the Tusting brand begins all the way back in the 1870's. A young labourer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Charles Petit, saw there was an increasingly bigger demand for leather so he founded his own tannery and become a master in leather making. His only daughter, Elizabeth, married her childhood sweetheart John Tusting, and the luxury leather brand was born.

A century down the line and the Tusting philosophy of making unique leather products that stand the test of time is still part of the company's DNA. A stone throw away from the site of Charles' original tannery lies the Tusting workshop: an ideal location to draw in the talent of local craftsmen, whose families understand the culture surrounding the Tusting's heritage & identity.

Tustings at English Brands - Authentic Tanned Leather

The rich tapestry of the Tustings brand is closely entwined with the quality of their product. The company have a deep understanding and knowledge of leather, and have become masters in transforming it into wonderful products that bring together both character and quality.

Unlike other leather manufacturers, Tustings products are still handmade in the company's original home in Central England. In addition to this, the company is still owned by the Tustings family who safe guard the blueprint of the processes and procedures used to make each product.

Tustings - A Guarantee of Absolute Quality

Tusting products are manufactured to last a lifetime. Due to the quality material and intelligent craftsmanship that goes into each design, you can be assured that all Tusting products can be passed down from generation to generation. Due to Tusting's confidence in their product they are willing to rectify a manufacturing defect free of charge.

Tustings at English Brands

At English brands we have a collection of Tusting bags and briefcases that come in a range of colours and styles.

Please scroll through and check out our collection below. If you have any further questions or would like to no more about the products, feel free to pop in to our brand new boutique based in Birmingham's premier lifestyle location, the Mailbox.