Alfred Sargent at English Brands

Established in 1899, Alfred Sargent Ltd. has been creating leather shoes for over 100 years. With sons, Frank and Harry, the Alfred Sargent shoe company grew to be one of the most recognised shoe brands in Northamptonshire, with national sales & global recognition.

The organisation was incorporated from humble beginnings, but as it grew, Alfred moved the factory to Portland Road in Northampton.

At the time the Portland Road factory was considered revolutionary because it was the first factory to use electricity as opposed to oil lanterns.

As the years went by the next generation of the Sargent family entered the business, capitalising on the increasing demand for luxury footwear in the Northamptonshire area. By now the Alfred Sargent brand was beginning to represent both quality & elegance.

Alfred Sargent at English Brands - Staying True to Trend & Tradition

Over the years Alfred Sargent's traditional methods of manufacturing evolved with the change of trends and styles, but the need to create a quality, long-standing product has always been set in stone.

This is why Alfred Sargent is one of the only shoe making companies to surpass 100 years of production, joining an elite group of shoe manufacturing centurions.

These days, shoe connoisseurs from around the world have expressed their desire to own traditional pair of Alfred Sargent gentleman shoes. And many of Alfred's designs for the 1900's are as desired today as they were back then.

All Alfred Sargent footwear is handcrafted to impeccable standards, using only the finest materials and most proficient machinery. Every pair of shoes in still made by master craftsmen who have learnt the tricks of the trade through a family dynasty of 4 generations of shoe makers.

At English Brands, we have an eclectic range of Alfred Sargent shoes that comes in a variety of styles and different colours. Whether you're looking for a pair of shoes for winter or are maybe in need of a new pair of brogues to add to your widening collection, we guarantee our Alfred Sargent designs will look good on your feet for many winters to come.

Please scroll down and browse through our collection below. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We're available on 0121 448 8851, or, alternatively, you can pop into our showroom that has recently opened in the Mailbox, Birmingham, we'd be happy to go through any products that might interested you.