Established in 1873, Sanders is a family business that specialise in handmade luxury footwear. The company is based in Northamptonshire, and was originally founded by two brothers, William & Thomas.

With a vision to create handmade footwear that would stand the test of time, the brothers set out to achieve their dream of creating a shoes company that would epitomise excellence. One that would be renowned for its high-quality leather skins and superior craftsmanship.

But before big dreams can be realised hardship must be endured, and hardship is what the brothers initially faced.

With a modest team of 5 craftsmen, the brothers worked with their limited resources to manufacturer as many handmade shoes as they possibly could with the means they had. Every detail, every leather panel, every woven stitch mattered in building Sander's reputation as quality shoemakers.

As time went on, technology improved and it was the invention of the Good Year Welting Machine that revolutionised Sanders as a business. With this machine, the company was able to create more shoes in a smaller amount of time. And with a world war that was imminent, there was an increasing demand for leather boots, 6000 boots per week to be precise.

Fantastically, the end of the war didn't lower the demand. And by 1924 Sanders became the company William and Thomas had originally envisioned. Business was booming and Sanders became the Sanders that everyone was talking about.

English Brands Heritage love being able to stock Sanders products in their Birmingham Mailbox store.