Loake shoes are known all over the world as an English brand with a long-lasting history. Established in 1880 in the UK as a family business, the factory provided more than 5 generations with high-quality footwear. During the Second World War the Loake company supplied the British naval and air forces with 2,500 pairs of boots a week. In gratitude for all the services, it was appointed with the Royal Warrant.

Nowadays the Loake company carries on the shoemaking tradition that was started by its founders. The factory occupies the same place as 135 years ago. And it still takes 8 weeks to make a pair of Loake shoes. But, of course, the equipment is upgraded all the time and new technologies are successfully integrated into the manufacturing process.

If you are interested in buying men's or women's Loake shoes, you can visit a factory outlet or the brand store located in London. Or you can make a couple of mouseclicks and place an order at the English Brands online shop. To find out details and to get a free personal style consultation, dial up +44 (0) 20 3189 1177 right now!