The story of the John White shoe company dates back all the way to Northampton in 1919. A young man began stitching shoes out of a wooden shack. He was making his first pair of handmade shoes - handmade shoes that would later be recognised as the first pair of John White Shoes, and the start of the John White shoe making dynasty.

From their very first pair, each shoe had the emblem ‘KB’ stitched on to it. Nobody ever knew what the words stood for, and it had remained a mystery for many years. It wasn’t until the end of Mr. White’s life that he told anyone they stood for ‘Keep Believing’, this was John’s ethos from the very beginning.

In the early stages, John had experienced lots of adversity that would test his character. However the man and his shoes would always find a way to persevere, walking through the dark days to step out into the light.

The story of John White Shoes is still very much alive today, and the fundamental values that made John White shoes so successful is still built into every pair. They are: Quality Craftsmanship, Timeless British Styling and most importantly, the faith to keep believing.