John White's shoe company originated in 1920 in Church Street, London. Although the period was not easy for the footwear industry, the factory owner managed to overcome the difficulties of the postwar depression and sales of his shoes rose to 6,000 pairs a week in just a few years.

During the Second World War, the John White brand launched the production of Impregnable boots that soared in popularity. About 10% of British officers wore John White footwear. After the war, the shoes were exported to the USA and Canada, giving the brand worldwide recognition.

Nowadays, the company continues to flourish and to develop. The employees of the John White factory adopt modern shoemaking technologies and are inspired by the very latest fashion trends so the footwear produced is stylish and up-to-date. For your very own pair, browse our range of John White shoes below or visit us in Birmingham to find your perfect fit.