If you’re looking for the perfect blend of comfort and style, you can find your perfect shoe in Blundstone. With a unique look that leans towards the Chelsea Boot design, whilst retaining a Tasmanian quirkiness true to its birthplace, this brilliant shoe brand is available in the heart of Birmingham. Highly durable and ‘no-nonsense’, Blundstone has become synonymous with good taste and style, for good reason.

Since the late 1800s, Blundstone have been innovative and sourced the best materials available to create some of the toughest boots on the market today. They now sell to over 50 countries gaining them worldwide recognition and continue to innovate their technology, with customer comfort at the heart of their focus.

At English Brands Heritage we specialise in sourcing the most impeccable quality when it comes to our shoes, collecting them in our shop for you. With our unrivalled expert knowledge, we can help you find the perfect shoe, no matter what occasion you need it for. View our men’s Blundstone range below, or visit us in Birmingham to try these versatile, highly fashionable shoes yourself. You can find us on the second floor of Birmingham’s Mailbox and our experts are always happy to talk you through your decision.