Twisk is a British shoe brand, whose main designer and creator remains a secret. The shoes, which are created for men, are handmade in Italy, receiving the finest Italian craftsmanship everyone hears so much about. 

Their design is innovative and unique, and can be quickly recognised by their five-point soles. The idea behind their design is to break down conventions and bring something entirely new to the footwear market. Each shoe is made using top quality materials and undergoes a process of around 280 steps, including being hand dyed. Due to their style, the brand have said that their ideal target would be an unconventional and creative man, so if that sounds like you, Twisk is the perfect brand for you!

Here at English Brands, we stock a wide range of Twisk products, including shoes and boots. You can browse our stock below or visit our store in the Mailbox in Birmingham to view our full range in person.