Barbour jackets from UK

The famous “J. Barbour and Sons” Ltd.company, was founded in 1894 by Scottish merchant John Barbour in the Market Place in South Shields in the north of England. Inspired by his mistress Margaret Haning he ran a business in designing and manufacturing clothes for shipbuilders and sailors. Shortly thereafter wax-coats, waterproof jackets and overalls under the Barbour brand became very popular within the UK. Nowadays the company is owned by the 5th generation of the family. The Barbour clothing brand is well known around the globe due to its high quality and distinguished style. Afterwards the Royal Warrant was awarded by the Royal Family. Since then the Barbour clothing brand has got the reputation of attire for noble people and celebrities.

The brand lived through two World Wars. It grew and developed, opening up international shipping and export sales, so that customers beyond the bounds of the UK could afford to buy the stunning Barbour clothes. Today the company has 11 flagship shops in the United Kingdom and its own outlet stores in over 40 countries. Its range of products includes more than 2000 items for men, women and kids. Broadening out from its countrywear roots, nowadays the Barbour brand reflects true urban London style and produces garments for a full lifestyle wardrobe.

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