Almost two centuries ago, in 1823, Charles Mackintosh patented a special type of waterproof fabric. Being a chemist, he invented it occasionally when soiled a sleeve of his jacket with liquid rubber. In the same year Mackintosh began producing waterproof wear for men and women for sale. Gradually his raincoats got popular all over the world. Nowadays Mackintosh wear became kind of a symbol of the UK. It is associated with quality and traditions.

Put on a mackintosh and enjoy the London rain!

All the products, manufactured under the brand, are 100% waterproof. Even the stitches are saturated with special glue so that you can feel absolutely safe and dry while walking in the rain. The technology is carefully passed on from one generation to another. To become a factory worker one should study for 3 years.

Where to purchase a raincoat that can transcend seasons?

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