Ralph Lauren clothing

Ralph Lauren was born in New York City in 1939. From childhood the boy had an extraordinary sense of taste and always noticed all things which were beautiful and unusual. It was not surprising that he preferred working as a dress seller than studying at the university. In the dress shop he invented new tie designs and probably ties became the reason for opening his own business. In 1967 the company Polo Fashions came into the world. The company specialised on the production of ties and men's clothes. In 1971 when Ralph started designing women's clothes this was considered as the beginning of the Ralph Lauren brand.

In 1978 Ralph started perfume manufacturing after a few years of producing home furnishings. The brand became more and more popular and soon became one of the most authoritative in world fashion. Ralph Lauren always offers new design ideas which have great success among both the public and critics. No wonder that this designer has won numerous awards in the world of beauty and fashion.

Nowadays Ralph Lauren shops offer not only traditional goods for well-to-do customers but also everyday reasonable price clothes. These are jackets, shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, shoes and numerous accessories. Furthermore in 2002 the company again widened its range and opened the first children’s boutique, Ralph Lauren Polo in New York.

Ralph Lauren is a pioneer both in the ideas world and that of marketing. He was one of the first who establish his brand into the worldwide market of the Internet. Ralph opened many online shops and now everyone can purchase his brand named goods without leaving home.

Ralph Lauren is the most prestigious manufacturer of the USA. When you buy clothes by Ralph Lauren you get the brilliant opportunity to highlight your status and sense of taste and style. Here like everywhere else the designers adapt all models to today and offer new extraordinary creations.