Zatchels bags from UK

During the last century, two friends, Dean and Brian, created the brand Zatchels. Beforehand these friends owned a little leather-dressing workshop in Leicester, a town in the center of the UK. Their main business was handmade manufacturing and selling of footwear. They made high quality British leather shoes, sandals and boots for men and women. They always responded to the flexible wishes of their customers and quickly responded to any changes in the market. Their work shop constantly developed, increased and changed.

The friends were not afraid to experiment and liked to create new projects for sale. Zatchels became one of these projects. The idea which the friends took as a base of the project was not a new one at all. This was the traditional satchel known in Europe since the 16th century. The only difference was that the medieval satchels had two straps and modern ones only one, making it possible to carry over the shoulder. This kind of bag became a part of modern fashion and a clear sign of modern British style a long time ago. Dean and Brian took risks. The market of leather bags was already quite full at this time, but it was worth doing as their satchels made a real furore.

The original idea was not the main reason behind this as quite a lot of leather companies also produced this kind of bag. However, the adventurous British friends changed their business approach. Their great experience in high quality leather work was not a waste of time and their challenging decisions differentiated them from their competitors. Firstly each end product is original. Every Zatchels bag has an original number and has a special certificate, which proves its origin, secondly, the manufacturing itself. Most of the companies moved their manufacturing to China or India in order to make it cheaper, but the friends adhered to their principles and kept their workshops in England. Moreover each bag is still handmade! All the above guarantee a uniqueness and quality which make owners of the brand be proud of ownership of these Iconic designs. Today the Zatchels company is represented in the famous London department store Liberty, and in Urban Outfitters and other British boutiques. The Zatchel company is very popular not only in Great Britain but across continents as even in far away Japan, Zatchels bags are admired by local fashionistas. Should you have any questions, please, contact us over the phone +44 (0) 1926 881844.