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The famous British brand Baracuta has become famous thanks to its Harrington jackets. They have been a favorite of rock, indie, mod and cinematic icons and characters, much copied but never bettered. If you are fond of the true English style, give yourself a treat to shop for the original Baracuta items which are available now at english-brands.co.uk.

The brand history dates back to the early 30's, when the Miller brothers, Isaac and John, decided to refine a raincoat. Their business located in Manchester, notorious for excessive rainfalls. So, the specific outwear elaboration became the first part of the brothers' agenda. The renovated design included elastic wristbands, button fasten pockets and collar. It's worth noting that the brothers not merely paid much attention to the practical side of the range of their products, but also did their best to promote their ideas among the mighty of this word. The Millers managed to enlist the support of Lord Lovat, whose residence located at the Beaufort Castle, Scotland. With his permission they got the license to use the traditional red tartan for their new design. Thus they started manufacturing the famous G9, G4 and then G10 Baracuta jackets.

Over the years the brand continued to build up its reputation. In the 50's it was famously worn by iconic musicians like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. As in the 60's Mod's grow in popularity, Baracuta was to their liking. The Mod's were famous for their undivided attention to details and refined appearance, and Baracuta succeeded in satisfying their fashionable requirements.

Today the list of famous wearers of Baracuta clothing is getting longer. Besides the figures of the past we can mention Daniel Craig, starring at Bondiada, or Damon Albarn, the Blur star, wearing a wide range of the garments marked with the illustrious label.