Diesel clothing

The Diesel company was founded in 1978 in Italy. Its founder, Renzo Rosso was born intoa family of farmers. His parents did not share the boys’ interests and from 14 old years he made clothes for his friends. His hobby transformed into passion and Renzo entered the Institute of Textile and Light Industry. At the institute he learnt all the secrets of modern textile manufacturing. After a course of economics he understood that it is not enough to make good clothes, it is also important to know how to sell it.

Renzo started working in a small company called Moltex. Very soon the pushy Italian became a co-owner and then opened his own company. At that time in Europe was the oil crisis. It gave Renzo the idea how to name his new company. Prices for petrol went up and cheap diesel fuel was a synonym for new and unusual decisions.

After two years Diesel started selling its own collections and company owner aimed at the world market. At the same time he established a new line, Diesel Kids, clothes for children from two years old.

In 1985 Diesels turnover was 3.9 million US$. It allowed Renzo to buy out the company and become its only owner. He started the real development of the brand and hired a team of young designers from Stockholm. Renzo gave them full freedom for ideas and actions, he was sure they are talented and innovative. As a result of unprecedented and even scandalous advertising policy the brand obtained fast success and new admirers.

In 1989 Diesel captured women buyers following its new collection of women’s wear. Its discovery was low-riding jeans. In the beginning of 90’s the company turnover reached 125 million US$. The New line Diesel USA was started.

The main idea in brand promotion is creativity which allows it to capture any markets. The Diesel advertisement look as if it was produced by aliens from another galaxy. Such bold and unpredictable moves to advertising campaigns bear fruits despite negative critics. When Renzo Rosso says: “Diesel is not my company – it is my life” you can trust him. But if you do not Diesel is the most extremely popular, unpredictable and scandal brand in the world fashion market.