Dubarry of Ireland in UK

In 1973 a small company was established in the heart of Galway on the northern Irish coast. That was the beginning of glorious history of Dubarry of Ireland. The brand was named after a famous French courtesan, known as Madame du Barry. The key idea was to differentiate the Dubarry of Ireland from other UK and Irish brands. Well, the company certainly succeeded in distinguishing itself.

At first, Dubarry of Ireland was founded as a factory that manufactured fine leather footwear for the UK inner market. Shortly thereafter it gained the reputation for excellent quality and craftsmanship. Due to great local sailing heritage Dubarry of Ireland started to create superb collections of clothes for men and women, inspired by nautical motifs.

Later the brand expanded the range of its products, adding some marvelous leather accessories to its assortment. It grew an international network with a chain of flagship boutiques and stores across the globe.

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