Timberland shoes

The history of this brand started with a person named Nathan Schwartz who was born into a poor Jewish family in Odessa. The family, in search of a better life, moved to the USA, but life was far from easy. Nathan's father, as well as his grandfather was a shoemaker and boy followed the family tradition, cutting leather and making boots from the age of 16.

However, Nathan did not want the role of hired shoemaker. He wanted to have his own business. 50 years later his dream came true when he bought an unknown shoe factory. For nearly 10 years Nathan and his sons worked hard and barely existed, but everything was to change in 1965 when he invented a technology of seamlessly joining of the leather upper of the boot with its rubber sole. This technology was the beginning of success.

In 1973 the first pair of yellow boots with the Timberland mark saw the light. After a few years the boots became extremely popular firstly among representatives of “men's” professions. Why were they yellow? Nobody knows the exact answer. But the yellow colour served its purpose: the boots became well known and yellow became a kind of company logo. After three years the Timberland brand left the USA and came to Europe, firstly to Italy.

One day an adventurous Italian, Giuseppe Veronesi, came to the Timberland office and ordered them to make 900 pairs of boots. At first Nathan Swartz thought it was a joke but he completed the order. Just imagine his surprise when this Italian came to the office the following year. Nathan was sure he had come to ask for his money back, but the Italian had come to purchase his next batch of boots and much more than previously!

Giuseppe Veronesi was told that to sell an unknown boot he had to start an advertising campaign in Italy. In his campaign the Italian asked yellow boot owners to subject them to different extreme tests. The advertising slogan said: “If you really love Timberland, treat them as bad as possible.” As a result of this daring idea the Timberland brand started gaining popularity in Italy and then beyond its boundaries. In the beginning of 1980 there were over 100 brand shops in Europe and the USA.

In 2005 the company income exceeded 1.5 million dollars and the brand is still constantly developing. New shops are opened, new collections and lines appear. However, the company keeps its principles and never forgets its history and heritage which makes it popular all over the world.